Opel Frontera

since 1992 of release

Fronter's Opel
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Opel Frontera brand cars


In this management all-wheel drive models with the ONS 4-cylinder petrol engines of 2.0 l (115 hp) and 2.4 l (125 hp), and DOHC of 2.2 l (136 hp) “ECOTEC”, since 1992 of release are considered.
The Dvukhdverny option of the car under the name Frontera Sport has the truncated base. Four-door option - the increased base and the 16-klapanny engine (16V) “ECOTEC”. Distinctive feature of this engine is the big torque already at number of turns of 2600 rpm. The engine has 4 valves on the cylinder, direct (without the distributor) ignition, a control system of Motronic M1.5.4 injection, management of ignition on a detonation, systems of decrease in toxicity of an exhaust.
Forward suspension bracket independent, on dual cross-section levers, telescopic shock-absorbers, with the stabilizer of cross-section stability and торсионами adjustments of height of a road gleam.
The back suspension bracket represents the rigid bridge fixed on sheet springs or screw springs, depending on model. Blocking of differential is applied on separate models.
The hydraulic brake system is divided into two contours and equipped by the vacuum amplifier and a regulator of brake pressure. Brake mechanisms of forward wheels - disk, back - drum-type or disk, depending on the equipment. The parking brake influences the built-in drums of back wheels. The anti-blocking system can be established as the additional equipment.
Coupling drive - hydraulic.
For driving the steering with the type mechanism the screw nut on circulating balls serves. The gidrousitel is serially applied.
In the car the 5-step manual box of gear shifting (RKPP) combined with a 2-step transfer case or established separately from last is established.
The car is equipped with the device of the security alarm system.