Opel Frontera

since 1992 of release

Fronter's Opel
+ Opel Frontera brand Cars
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Driveshafts, main transfer
+ Brake system
- Suspension bracket and steering
   - Suspension bracket of forward wheels and forward bridge
      Verifying and adjusting works on the car
      The works which are carried out with power shafts, blokirator of naves, naves and bearings of wheels
      Torsion, shock-absorber and stabilizer of cross-section stability
      Levers of rotary fists, rotary fists
      Peredny Bridge
   + Suspension bracket of back wheels and back bridge
   + the Steering with the hydraulic booster
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Governing bodies and operation
+ electric equipment Schemes

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Suspension bracket of forward wheels and forward bridge


Forward suspension bracket independent torsionny on dual levers. Contains hydraulic two-trumpet shock-absorbers, the stabilizer of cross-section stability. and торсионы adjustments of height of a road gleam.

From the middle of 1995 of release the design of a forward suspension bracket was changed in view of introduction of anti-blocking system. In this regard the design of the top and bottom cross-section levers was changed also. Communication of the stabilizer of cross-section stability with cross-section levers is carried out now through connecting bars with spherical hinges. Changes were brought in forward торсионы. Shock-absorbers gas-filled. Cars from the middle of 1995 of release have the increased wheels in diameter of 16 inches instead of applied before wheels in diameter of 15 inches. The geometry of a forward suspension bracket was respectively changed.
Despite the brought changes in a design of a forward suspension bracket of the car of 1997 of release the bridge was not changed.

Before the description of the works which are carried out on a forward suspension bracket, it is necessary to provide some general instructions which are not mentioned further:
1-Before removal of wheels it is necessary to mark their situation concerning naves. At installation of wheels it is necessary to consider marking.
2-All bolts, nuts and other fixture are necessary for tightening the established moment.
3-Before the beginning of performance of any works it is necessary to disconnect a weight cable from the storage battery.
4-The carving of the connections established on means for fixing of "Loctite", before secondary application should проходиться a lerka or a tap for removal of the remains of "Loctite". It does not belong to mikrokapsulirovanny bolts.

1. Before installation of a brake disk check, that between a disk and a nave there was no dirt and extraneous particles. Interfaced surfaces should be equal and not have забоин.
2. Utilization of brake liquid make according to the requirements established by the law.
3. Glues, hermetics, etc. materials have a certain expiration date. Do not apply the specified materials if their expiration date left.
4. After the completion of repair the removed cables establish on a place and fix the regular elements of fastening provided by a design of the car.
5. All works should be carried out with observance of rules of labor protection and protection of environment. It is necessary to remember that the car has big weight. It is not necessary to lay down under the car, without having accepted the appropriate measures of precaution on car fixing in the lifted condition.
6. At an otvorachivaniye of a wheel he is necessary for putting nearby under the car, having provided with that additional security measures when falling car.