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since 1992 of release

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      Pump of the hydraulic booster
      Safety cushion
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Safety cushion


It is necessary to remind once again that it is not recommended to remove a safety cushion independently. Nevertheless here indications of the security measures connected with carrying out this work are provided:

1. All works with a safety cushion are authorized to be carried out in the presence of a certain experience. The mechanic who is not knowing devices of a safety cushion, is not allowed to work. The control unit, a control lamp, a safety cushion enter into a set of a safety cushion in a steering wheel or a safety cushion of the forward passenger, contact knot and a plait of cables.

Works with a safety cushion are supervised in some countries by the law on explosives.

In the presence of a safety cushion of the forward passenger it is not necessary to establish near a zone of its action such additional accessories, such as, fixture for a receiver, the holder of bottles for drinks, cartridges, additional mirrors, etc. The specified elements can prevent at safety cushion deployment.

Opening of any elements of considered system is not allowed.

Elements of a pillow are sensitive. If to drop a safety cushion, its functioning can be broken.

If the car has to be painted, it is necessary to inform a repair truck on safety cushion existence as it is impossible to subject a safety cushion to temperature influence above 90 ° to Page.

7. At performance of welding works disconnect a weight cable from the storage battery. If welding is made near the control unit, it is recommended to remove the control unit. In any case it is necessary to disconnect a plait of cables.

At removal and installation, and also at replacement of details of a steering:

1. Switch off ignition.
2. Disconnect a weight cable from the storage battery and close a negative pole of the battery so that on it any metal subject did not get.
3. After shutdown of the storage battery wait minute that the control unit condenser could be discharged.
4. At works with a steering, for example, with a steering wheel, steering drafts, a steering column, etc. a steering establish in average situation.
5. At removal of a steering wheel a steering establish in average situation that at the subsequent assembly to exclude damage of contact knot.
6. If the safety cushion worked in an emergency, to replacement is subject not only a pillow, but also the control unit.
7. With a safety cushion it is authorized to replace a steering wheel only with other steering wheel allowed for use by Opel firm.
8. If the safety cushion acts in film, it needs to be put the soft party up.
9. The soft party of a safety cushion should be wiped only a towel moistened with water, or a cleaner recommended by Opel firm.
10. Before installation of a safety cushion it is necessary to check, whether it is disconnected and whether the storage battery is closed and whether ignition is switched off.

After shutdown of the storage battery certain stores of memory should be again reprogrammed. Electric window regulators, hours and the radio receiver coding thus mean.


In the description of works provided below removal and installation of the parts demanded for removal of a steering are specified only.


1. Disconnect a weight cable from the storage battery and wait one minute. The condenser of the control unit should be discharged.
2. Unscrew four bolts of fastening from a steering wheel and take out safety cushion knot. Two bolts from four are shown on an illustration. Two others are on the opposite side. On an illustration the steering wheel is removed.
3. Rasstykuyte shtekerny connection of knot of a safety cushion.

The safety cushion in sequence is established, to return to removal.

1. Bolts tighten the moment of 8 Nanometers. Thus at first tighten two bolts on the one hand, and then two bolts with another, that is the sequence corresponding to numbering on an illustration is observed.


1. Disconnect a weight cable from the storage battery and wait one minute.
2. Remove safety cushion knot as it is described above.
3. Remove a steering wheel as it is described above.
4. Unscrew six bolts and remove the bottom cover of the dashboard shown on an illustration.
5. Unscrew six bolts and remove a casing of facing of a steering column.
6. Rasstykuyte shtekerny connection of the combined switch and contact knot.
7. Unscrew four bolts and remove contact knot from a steering column.
8. At installation contact knot establish precisely in average situation. For this purpose turn the coil on a complete revolution clockwise and then on 2.5 turns counter-clockwise so that two markings coincided. At installation check, that the steering was on the average situation.
9. Other works are carried out to sequences, return to removal. Installation of a steering wheel is described in separate subsection.
10. Establish details of a casing of facing of a steering wheel according to an illustration and fix them six bolts.
11. In summary connect the storage battery. Thus nobody should be in the car.