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Security measures at works with components of system of ignition


In order to avoid breakdown or damage of system of ignition at all works on system of ignition the following security measures should be observed:
Not to disconnect ignition cables on the working engine or at a provorachivaniye of the crankshaft of a starter not to touch by hands and not to disconnect. Tension is very high.
2. To disconnect wires of system of ignition only if the engine does not work. The same treats connection of verifying and measuring devices. Thus also ignition should be switched off.
3. If the average cable is taken out from the distributor, it should be connected at once to the help of an auxiliary cable with weight. If it is not made, the engine by no means cannot be turned a starter (that sometimes is required at some checks).
4. It is necessary to refuse the help at start by the fast-charger as not each device approaches for this purpose. If it is used, it can be connected not more long than one minute with tension of at most 16,5 Century.
5. At electrowelding works to disconnect the battery (that in any case it is required to do because of the generator).
6. If the car is towed because of damage of system of ignition, the monitor should be disconnected.
7. Ignition cables, a begunok and the tips of candles established for this model can be used only.
8. The persons having a warm stimulator, with system of ignition are not allowed to work. It is necessary to warn also against work in an impellent compartment of the persons having heart diseases.
9. Before shutdown of the storage battery it is necessary to find out a code of the radio receiver having protection against theft.
10. Before disuniting shtekerny connection of the electronic control unit, it is necessary to switch off ignition and to wait for not less than 20 pages. Otherwise the block can be damaged.