Opel Frontera

since 1992 of release

Fronter's Opel
+ Opel Frontera brand Cars
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Manual box of gear shifting
- Driveshafts, main transfer
   + Drive of forward wheels
   - Drive of back wheels
      Elimination of leakages of the back bridge
      Removal and installation of semi-axes
      Replacement of the bearing of a semi-axis
      Removal and installation of the back driveshaft
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Governing bodies and operation
+ electric equipment Schemes

Replacement of the bearing of a semi-axis


Drum-type brakes

For replacement of the bearing it is necessary to have a press.

1. Clamp a semi-axis in a vice.
2. Cut down a chisel a lock ring of the bearing. Use thus goggles.
3. Vypressuyte axis.
4. After that it is possible to remove a flange of fastening of the bearing and a brake board.
5. If the bolt of fastening of a brake board is replaced, it it is possible выпрессовать from a flange.
6. Insert a new bolt with gear cutting into a flange opening.
7. After that completely it press.
8. Establish on a semi-axis a brake board and a lock plate.
9. Then establish the bearing and a lock ring.
10. Assembly of knot is shown on an illustration. It is necessary to pay attention to that the flute with a sealing ring on an external ring of the bearing looked towards shliyets of an axis.
11. Establish a semi-axis as it is described above.
12. The epiploon is from the inside greased with konsistentny greasing.
Semi-axis support at disk brakes (in the presence of ABS)
1-bridge sleeve
2-bearing case
4-sealing ring
6-ABS ring

Disk brakes

  1. The cut of knot of the bearing of a semi-axis in the presence of ABS is shown on иллюстр. On an illustration the additional epiploon established here is shown.
2. After removal of a semi-axis remove brake shoes (see appropriate section).
3. Press a semi-axis via the bearing case.
4. If it is necessary, the bearing it is possible выпрессовать from the case.
5. Take out an epiploon (if it is) ABS rings from a bridge sleeve.
6. If it is necessary, выпрессуйте a bolt of fastening of a brake board from a semi-axis flange.
7. Establish in a bridge sleeve a new epiploon (if it is) for ABS ring.
8. At bearing replacement, it is pressed in the case.
9. Previously the sealing ring of the bearing and a case opening is greased. The ring should indicate outside of a semi-axis.
10. Establish on a brake board the bearing case.
11. The bearing with the case and a ring of ABS establish on a semi-axis and напрессуйте.
12. Now it is possible to establish a semi-axis into place.