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Air removal from hydrosystem


In repair trucks for air removal from hydrosystem there is a special device. The standard way of removal of air from system below is considered.
Air from system is removed in case it was opened. To fill system follows only fresh and pure liquid. It is impossible to use the flowed-out liquid for this purpose.
Brake liquid is poisonous and influences destroying on paint and varnish coverings. Therefore to address with liquid follows carefully.
At existence in system of the dempfiruyushchy cylinder air from it is issued before production of air from the working cylinder.

1. Lift and put on supports a forward part of the car.
2. Open a tank for check of level of liquid. If necessary add liquid to "Max" mark.
3. Remove a protective cap from the union of removal of air in the top part of a transmission.
4. Put on a transparent hose the union, its second end lower in a transparent vessel. In a vessel pour a liquid quantity. Check, that the hose end always was below liquid level in a vessel.
5. Evenly press a coupling pedal. At the end of a pedal course strongly press on it. Open the union of removal of air. As soon as the pedal of coupling will be pressed to a floor, close the union.
6. The described process repeat 10-15 times. Thus it is necessary to watch liquid level in a tank, adding liquid. As soon as liquid following from a hose will not contain air bubbles (in a vessel bubbles do not rise any more up), air is removed from system. The union tighten the moment of 9 Nanometers.
7. Check liquid level in a tank. Check coupling work as it is described in the Section coupling Check without removal.


There are brake liquids of different manufacturers. However it is necessary to adhere some the liquid recommended by Opel firm. This liquid well mixes up with liquid still being in system.