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Mechanism of switching off of coupling


Bearing of switching off of coupling

Removal of the bearing of switching off of coupling

To remove and establish the bearing of switching off of coupling it is possible only at the removed transmission. The bearing fastens to the case spring clips. After removal of clips remove a finger and the lever. Remove the bearing from the transmission case, as is shown in иллюстр.
The bearing выпрессуйте from the case. Disconnect a lever finger from a cover of a shaft of a transmission.
Napressuyte new bearing. Thus pay attention to that the persistent party of the bearing was directed aside, opposite to the case. Establish on a cover a finger of the lever of switching off of coupling.
Grease with konsistentny greasing an internal opening of the case of the bearing, the plug in a cover of a shaft of a transmission and a sharovy finger of the lever. Establish into place the bearing, the lever of switching off of coupling and a rubber cover. Pay attention to the correct provision of clips on the lever behind a spherical finger.

Working hydrocylinder of coupling

Installation and removal of the hydrocylinder is carried out as follows.

1. Fill in liquid in a tank of the main hydrocylinder to the top edge. Close an opening polyethylene and screw a stopper. Thus, the liquid effluence is excluded from the cylinder. If it is necessary to pour out liquid of system, arrive as follows:
2. Put on a hose the union of removal of air of the working cylinder. The second end of a hose lower in capacity, and unscrew the union on some turns. By means of the assistant press a pedal so that all liquid left.
3. Unscrew a hollow bolt of fastening of a hose and remove sealing washers.
4. Unscrew two bolts and take out the cylinder.

Installation of the cylinder is made in sequence, return to its removal. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

1. Bolts of fastening of the cylinder at a transmission of MSG tighten the moment of 28 Nanometers. at MUA box the moment of 45 Nanometers.
2. Tighten a bolt of angular sharnirny connection, having established two new sealing rings (иллюстр.). The correct provision of a ring of a hose is provided with a pin. Moment of an inhaling of a bolt of 35 Nanometers.
3. Remove air from hydrosystem and adjust height of a pedal of coupling as it is described below.

Repair of the working hydrocylinder

At repair the hydrocylinder is replaced with a repair kit. Such defect as corrosion of an external surface is the basis for cylinder replacement.
At assembly internal details of the cylinder (except protective caps) are greased with brake greasing.
At installation of caps check ease of a piston stroke.

Dempfiruyushchy coupling cylinder

1. Dempfiruyushchy the cylinder of coupling is in a place shown on иллюстр. Before removal of the dempfiruyushchy cylinder close a tank or merge liquid from system as it was described above. For this purpose disconnect from the cylinder hoses and turn out nuts of the holder.
2. At installation bolts tighten the moment of 8 Nanometers. Accessions of hoses tighten the moment of 20 Nanometers.
3. After installation remove air from system and check liquid level in a tank, if necessary add liquid.

Removal and installation of the main hydrocylinder

For removal of the main hydrocylinder act in film a pedal of coupling and the holder. The cylinder acts in film as follows:

1. Merge liquid from system as it was described above or suck away liquid from a tank.
2. Disconnect a hose from the cylinder. Watch that following liquid did not get on other details.
3. Remove a pedal of coupling and a bearing support.
4. Unscrew two nuts and remove the cylinder.
5. Installation of the main cylinder is carried out in sequence, return to removal. Nuts of fastening of the cylinder tighten the moment of 15 Nanometers. In summary remove air from system and check liquid level in a tank. If necessary add liquid.

Repair of the main hydrocylinder

1. In the presence of a repair kit repair of the hydrocylinder is made in a known way. Unscrew a rod with a fork (lock-nut) and measure the size between the opening center under a finger and an interfaced surface of the case of the cylinder (the size write down). This size is required later at assembly. If when dismantling cylinder on its working surface traces of corrosion or any other defects are found (teases, etc.), the cylinder is replaced. The cylinder in unassembled form is shown on иллюстр.
2. Having disconnected a collar of fastening of a hose, it is possible to remove a tank from the cylinder.
All internal details are greased with brake liquid or konsistentny greasing (except a protective cap). At assembly of the cylinder it is necessary to keep earlier written down size and to tighten a lock-nut. Check freedom of moving of the piston.

Pedal of coupling and bearing support

Operation is rather labor-consuming.

1. Remove the bottom facing of the dashboard from the driver.
2. Remove an air line from the driver.
3. Take out a spring bracket in a junction of a rod of the main hydrocylinder and a coupling pedal. Take out a finger of a support and disconnect a fork from a pedal.
4. Unscrew four bolts and remove a bearing support. After removal of a finger of a support of a pedal the pedal and a returnable spring can be removed. Pay attention to spring fastening.
5. Unscrew a persistent bolt of a pedal and a lock-nut.
6. Installation of considered details is carried out in sequence, return to removal. Details of fastening are shown on иллюстр. Check, that the returnable spring to a pedal and to a bearing support was correctly fixed. The nut of fastening of a finger of a pedal is tightened by the moment of 35 Nanometers, nuts of fastening of a support of the bearing the moment of 21 Nanometer.
In summary adjust height of installation of a pedal and its course as it is described below.