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since 1992 of release

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Removal and coupling installation


For a possibility of access to bolts of fastening of coupling it is necessary to remove a transmission.

1. Mark the provision of coupling in relation to a flywheel. It can be made by means of a center punch, putting labels at flywheel and coupling edges.
2. After that the press spring is compressed. In repair trucks to this purpose apply the lever, as is shown in иллюстр. The lever fastens two bolts М12 x 30 to the top party. If now to press from below the lever coupling, the press spring is squeezed, as it occurs at coupling switching off. If to watch the installation sites of rotating support designated on an illustration by shooters, it is possible to notice that press the disk departs, reserving some space. It is necessary to insert the steel brackets (KM-526-A adaptation) into the formed gap, shown on an illustration from below. If the lever to release, plates are clamped. In such situation it is possible to unscrew bolts of fastening of coupling. In the absence of specified above the adaptation to compress a spring it is possible otherwise.
3. Evenly cross-wise unscrew six bolts of fastening of coupling and remove it. Thus it is necessary to hold as appropriate a flywheel from a provorachivaniye. For this purpose between teeths of a gear wreath it is possible to insert rather strong screw-driver or it is possible to apply a flywheel stopper, as is shown in иллюстр.
4. Remove coupling and take out a conducted disk. One party of a conducted disk is marked as the transmission party. Have it in a look at disk installation.
5. Wipe a rag flywheel inside (the purge is not allowed by the compressed air) and check a frictional surface of a flywheel. If the conducted disk is worn-out to heads of rivets, rivets can leave a trace on surfaces of a flywheel or a press disk.
6. If the new basket of coupling is established, it is necessary to transfer on it steel brackets. Now it becomes more simply. Put coupling on a frictional surface and press through a heel in the center a press spring down (observing necessary care). Take out brackets. Establish brackets under places of rotating support.
If it is necessary to disconnect a transmission from the engine, unscrew bolts of fastening of coupling so that it was possible to supervise coupling.